Don’t Hire a Writer for Your Website!

You need professional content, and you know what you wrote yourself (or what the developer added) is not good enough. You might know how to optimize your content for SEO, but will it impress your clients?

Every day, clients ask me for new “subtly persuasive” content. By definition, “content” is informative, and “copy” is persuasive. When you read a newspaper, the articles are content, and at the bottom of the page is ad copy.

Yet, many audiences are tired of old-style, aggressive marketing messages. In some industries, clients tell me their customers (especially B2B) could actually be immune to the in-your-face ads of yesteryear. At the same time, simply informing these same clients with content marketing creates solid relationships, but there is some evidence of lower sales.

So, why do I say, “Don’t hire a writer?”

Writers – the kind you can hire to write your website, blogs, whitepapers, guest articles, etc. – are usually skilled at one or the other style. Some write engaging content that informs and maybe even entertains readers – but seldom does that translate into conversions. The others, the copywriters, are often more skilled with B2C copy with a rather direct approach. Any copy with the line, “but wait, there’s more!” is probably too aggressive for most B2B clients.

The Balance Between Content and Copy

To reach B2B clients and many modern consumers, a balance between information and persuasion builds a foundation for conversions. Essentially, everyone deserves to know enough about the benefits of your product to decide to buy. Subtle persuasion works in every industry, but it works best when your target persona is already well-informed, has high expectations, and you have significant competition.

Of course, I offer subtly persuasive content/copy for my current and prospective clients. I hope we have the opportunity to work together (again) soon.