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Whether you need a weekly SEO friendly blog schedule or a one-time copywriting project, I can help.

I have basically 2 types of clients. Those with:

  • Sporadic or one-time copywriting projects
  • A long-term plan for continual copywriting work

Most of my clients work from the basis of these copywriting packages:

Quick Start Business Package

Copy for Your Small Business WebsiteSEO Freindly Blog copywriter

This Quick Start Business Package is ideal for any small business, entrepreneur, designer, coach, consultant, freelancer, or artist who needs an online presence. Included is:

  • Consultation to confirm the details of your project.
  • Fresh, targeted copy for your website. A refresh for your old website, or brand new copy for a new site. The most common website pages are: Homepage, About Us, Services/Products Page, and a Contact Us page. That part is up to you. Up to 1,500 words in total.
  • SEO friendly using strategic keywords.
  • Your readers will be enticed to the specific action you require. Contact you, get a quote, or come to your door.
  • 2 revisions, if required. (Seldom happens!)

Cost: 2 payments of $250 (Copy for additional pages: from $100 per page)

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SEO Friendly Blog

The need for constant new SEO friendly blog copy has been well established.SEO Friendly Blog

In order to get good rankings, and maintain them, you will need to add high-quality copy to your website on a regular basis. There seems to be 2 basic problems with that.

  • High-quality copy
  • On a regular basis

When it comes to blogs, I have 2 kinds of clients.

Budget First

There is a certain budget available, so you bring me the budget and ask for as many blogs posts as you can get for that budget. Each SEO friendly blog is uploaded on your specific schedule. I can post the blogs for you, if you want.

SEO Fiends

You rely on an SEO friendly blog schedule for your livelihood, and your rankings. You are as busy as can be, and have no time (nor inclination) to write and post SEO friendly blogs. Give me your list of SEO keywords, and your posting schedule, and leave it all to me. I will send you the links for the blogs that have been scheduled to be posted in time for you to change something, if you want.

Cost: 5 X 500 words for 2 payments of $150  (additional fees apply for research time, and posting to your website)

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Custom Copywriting ServicesSEO Friendly Blog Professional Solutions

Most of the copywriting I do does not fit neatly into these 2 packages. Here’s sample list of just my recent work:

  • Summarize academic research
  • Help write an eBook on self-improvement
  • Create company bios of executives and sales personnel for website, brochures and LinkedIn
  • Write middle school lesson plans
  • Develop professional development seminar outline and workbook on leadership topics
  • Make simple event flyer
  • RFP and proposal writing
  • Rewrite medical product description to convince doctors to recommend its use
  • Quick edits and proofreads for non-native English speakers (non-academic)

So, don’t worry if your project doesn’t seem to fit. If you need words, I can help.

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