About Me – Copywriter


I’m Melody.

I am a business copywriter with specific expertise in business, management and sales.

Melody S Wright Copywriter

I have worked with over 600 clients as a copywriter.

High-quality copy and content are the keys to your successful marketing. I know the rules for SEO writing and can write to engage your customers.

Before becoming a freelance copywriter, I worked for more than 2 decades in the Vancouver and Vancouver Island areas of Canada.

I worked in professional B2B sales, taught business and sales programs and designed business courses.

Writing started out as a hobby. Soon enough, clients started approaching me specifically to help with business copy. I am a business person. I think like a business person. So, I write like a business person. 

Currently, I live on 25 glorious tropical acres in South America with my husband, 50+ dogs, 3 horses, bananas, and cacao (chocolate.)

To see the story behind what appear to be my “sunglasses,” read my blog entitled “They are More Than Just Sunglasses.”

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