The Key to Successful Email Nurture Sequences that Convert

I’ve had several clients (and potential clients) approach me recently about writing email nurture sequences that convert.

Some have no sequence in place, so they’re starting from scratch. Most have something that simply doesn’t work. They send out hundreds of thousands or even a million emails to contacts who should be interested in hearing what they have to say. Yet, open rates are low, click-through rates are lower, and conversion rates are mostly zero.

6 Most Common Mistakes in Email Nurture Sequences

Unsurprisingly, patterns exist in what undermines results. This (incomplete) list describes some of the most egregious errors.

  1. Giving Away the Secret Sauce – Offering FREE eBooks is a great way to get new email contacts or even re-engage long dormant lists. It is seldom a great way to convert an active list to buy, especially when the eBooks provide solutions instead of reinforcing the need.
  2. Information vs Persuasion – So many email sequences provide LOADS of information, so recipients feel educated. An informed consumer is a good thing. A consumer with too much information will not purchase.
  3. No Call to Action – Email sequences are an ideal format for gentle persuasion. You don’t need to be all “in your face,” but so many I see have no CTA at all!
  4. Too Many Internal Links – You MUST have one clear CTA link to schedule a call, buy now, or register for an event. If you want to direct traffic to a blog or landing page, too, add that link, but limit your links to help focus reader response.
  5. Being Too Vague – So many bulk emails I’ve seen are vague and “nice” but lack a connection between a customer problem and the offer of a solution. Many are even quite off-topic, providing support to readers to make it easier for them to accept their problem and do nothing.
  6. Using ChatGPT – Email sequences written by ChatGPT come together quickly, so they are a great temptation for the DIY solopreneur hoping to save a few bucks on copywriting. Unfortunately, they seldom convert. Why? Good question. The ones I have seen are utter crap… but I expect there are some better ones out there.

How to Write Successful Sequences that Convert

My first piece of advice is – DON’T. If you have a limited budget for content and copywriting, use it on your email sequences. In an email, you have the opportunity to have an intimate, one-to-one conversation. Do not violate that.

If your budget is even more restricted, write a ChatGPT sequence and have it edited by a professional (HUMAN) copywriter (me.) This is a critical part of your sales process where you can win customers or alienate them.

Contact me through my website here or through my profile on for a quote on your next email sequence.

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