They are More Than Just Sunglasses

About 16 years ago, I was a passenger in a stopped car that was rear-ended by a truck. My brain was smashed up inside my head in such a way that now I have photosensitive epilepsy. You can stop reading now, except as a client, this is the reason I ask you not to send me excel spreadsheets. The lines and columns trigger the wrong part of my brain.

For the most part, I am mostly fine. I live on this lovely chocolate farm in South America. Here I can avoid the lights and sounds, and smells that are a problem for me.

So, What Are the Sunglasses?

They are visual therapy glasses in the colour (color) called “Deep Blue Zee.”

This is the colour specifically designed for those with photo sensitivity or brain injuries. You may have also seen some glasses with a light amber tint, which are helpful for some concussions.

If you have trouble with headaches or migraines, tinted lenses can be a terrific help.

For me, they improve my balance, my vision and even make it so I can catch a ball.

What Difference Does it Make to My Clients?

Most of my clients, before now, have not even had any clue about any of this.


Dealing with me by telephone, Skype or chat means you probably couldn’t tell anything. On the other hand, if there is noise in the background or static on the line, it can be difficult for me. So, nice quiet chats are a must.


I mentioned the excel problem. Just copy and paste your spreadsheet into a word document, and then export it as a PDF, and all the lines disappear like magic! I can usually tolerate a table in a Word document okay.

Otherwise, it doesn’t seem to come up. But, I had to come clean about the glasses because they are a huge part of my identity.

Living on the equator means this redhead wears a big sun hat all the time, too.Melody S Wright Writer

So, even with the touch of sunburn, this picture of me is pretty much what I really look like all the time.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my life. I will continue to post blogs here. Some will be specifically SEO friendly and about copywriting. Others will just be about my life.

Welcome here.

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