Living in the Corona World

There haven’t been many cases close by here. There was one, then five. And nothing more for several weeks. Then ten, and now fifteen, within days of each other. In this small town, with big families, it is reasonable to expect we would see such clusters.

Oscar, our regular taxista (cab driver) before the pandemic, tells us we are best to stay out here in the country where it is “safe and calm.” He doesn’t say much, but he does say there is “a lot of fear in town.”

How My Life Changed

My life likely changed less than yours. Before, we went into town once a week on Fridays to do our shopping. While we were gone, Mercedes would come over and clean for a couple of hours. Byron would work around outside the house, doing noisy things, like cutting the grass in the orchard.

Now, a truck comes to the end of the driveway on Sunday mornings. I buy about two-thirds of what we need off the back of that truck. They have everything from popcorn and TP to apples and lettuce. It’s a short interaction, but it’s now all I have. Otherwise, one of the construction crew takes orders from my husband over WhatsApp and delivers the rest of what we need, usually on Tuesdays.

When we go to the building site at the other end of the driveway, we all wear masks. We talk about where the kitchen countertops go, or how to custom make a bathtub big enough for North Americans. Same conversations, just with masks. It’s mandatory here, although I am sure we could decide not to, on our own property. But I’d rather go with the better safe than sorry approach. It’s not a political statement here.

What the Future Looks Like

From where I sit (behind my computer as a freelance writer,) not much has changed, yet I know the reality. My workflow remains the same, although most emails now end with something like Stay Safe.

The plan is for the new house to be ready in a few months. No, I don’t even ask exactly, anymore. The combination of relaxed Ecuadorian cultural timelines and a global pandemic means everything is somewhat up in the air. When it is ready, we will move in. Until then, I’ll wait.

I haven’t left the property since March 13th. That’s over four months now. I’m not sure how long this will last, but I admit, I’ll stay right here in paradise and wait it out.

Take care, and stay safe.

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