My Life as a Content and Copywriter in Ecuador


My Life as a Content and Copywriter in Ecuador

Another exciting few weeks in the life of a content and copywriter! I am especially excited about a couple of projects that I am even allowed to share with you.

The first is a blog for people with diabetes on the website Sell Test Strips Here. Why am I so excited? My first byline! Yep. Check the top and it says “melody”. That’s me! I’m usually adding 4 blogs every week, so if you have diabetes or know someone who does, be sure to follow along!

The second is The Construction Channel’s big reveal for the first episode of Six Figures, No Suits. What do I do there? I write those blurbs under the videos on YouTube (and some other stuff). I love watching the construction videos. Anyone who knows me knows I have lived in a reno for many years, and now we are building another house here in Ecuador! If you find a 4 foot auger digging a hole 200 feet deep holds the same fascination as it does for me, subscribe!

Otherwise, there is no shortage of writing tasks! I am writing every day, and enjoying every minute.

News on the Finca (Farm)

As for the finca news… we are in the rainy season so we are getting evening and overnight rains. Nothing loud enough that we can’t watch TV yet, but that’s more likely in the next few months. We had some tools stolen from the back 40, so the team has been busy building a bodega (storage shed) back there to keep everything secure. More distractions from the actual house building, but we hope to be back to that very shortly.

The mare is pregnant (again). Apparently it is the natural order of things. Could be we will have another October baby. Luz is turning colour, and our expert neighbours tell us that it means she will eventually be grey, like her mother Paloma. Right now she just looks dirty.

Bitter Seville oranges are a plenty (20 trees or more on the property), but the orchard we planted 2 1/2 years ago has started to produce, too. A few Meyers lemons and a mandarin have already been picked. Lots of coffee. Kumquats and sweet oranges are beginning. The coconut trees are growing, but like most of the trees, no signs of fruit yet. Papayas show up about once a week, and I have a volunteer cucumber plant that produces a couple a week, too!

They finally opened the new Parque Central (Central Park) in town, and in a couple of months there will be an election for a new mayor. Things are hopping here!

25C every day, and things are good. My health is stable, as long as I don’t do anything I know I shouldn’t do. Good thing I’m not even slightly tempted, eh?

Greetings for 2019 from the equator!

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